New town planning act

The new Town Planning Act came into effect on 26th of September 2019 brining some significant changes to Gibraltar’s town planning process.

Apart from alterations to terminology concerning planning permission in order to better reflect the usage of the term and ensure it is more representative, Government projects are now required to undertake the same process as private projects by going through the Development and Planning Commission (DPC) review process being subject to their approval.

The new Act further specifies which minor operations constitute development and therefore require planning permission as a result and outlines exceptions in respect of works which do not require planning consent in order to provide clarity and streamline the process.

Additional changes include those concerning notification period of applications and public participation requirements as they relate to specific types of development. Measures had also been introduced to allow changes to be made to applications before planning permission is granted, as well as to allow the ability of making minor amendments to planning permission.

There are some other exciting developments, including the introduction of enforcement notices and the introduction of mandatory Planning Statements now required to be submitted together with planning applications.
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