Stand up, speak out! – Local public community campaign focused on saveguarding the cultural heritage of gibraltar’s old town  

Working closely with a local action group, The College Lane Action Group (CLAG), our Consultants used their expertise in town planning and the build environment to assist CLAG in their efforts to uncover the heritage value of building(s) occupying a proposal site located within the Old Town Neighbourhood bordering Line Wall Road and assess past and current proposals within the context of the site, planning policy and other material considerations and with its heritage value in mind.

It was a lengthy process, which the Action Group commenced months before and gathered an immense support and recognition for their efforts undertaken over a prolonged period of time.

CLAG’s passion, persistence and desire safeguard the Old Town from inappropriate development combined with PV’s professional expertise resulted in the 16th of September 2018 marking an important date for our Old Town, as the Amar Bakery application seeking demolition and new build was unanimously rejected by the DPC on that day.

On the 13/06/2019 a new application was submitted also seeking demolition and new build with some alterations to the original proposal being incorporated. The College Lane Action Groups has therefore reignited their efforts and continued the public campaign through social media, petition and public workshop showing all of us that with little time spent everyone can make a real difference.
This is an ongoing matter, hence if you have not had the opportunity yet, please take a few minutes and complete CLAG’s survey by clicking on the button below :

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To find out more and see how we responded to the most recent proposal, please click on the Button below :

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Please voice your views and let them be heard again. Whether you agree or disagree, please speak out.

Public consultation seeks information exchange, your input and feedback; seeking to create an understanding about the project and awareness of the heritage aspect of the site, among those it will affect and interest.

If you are a concerned resident or a member of a group of residents concerned about a development proposal, action plan or any other matter concerning the built environment, why not reach out and arrange a free of charge 1h consultation with one of our Consultants.

If you are a developer or a private individual concerned that your proposal might affect the neighbouring area, unsure what to anticipate and how best to manage the needs, requirements and expectations of those residing, working or spending their free time within the proposal site or its vicinity, why not get in touch and seek professional assistance from a qualified, experienced Town Planner to engage the local community in order to save time and avoid additional costs?

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